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PIPESOCIAL, a limited company, DECIDES to establish a platform called PIPESOCIAL, accessible through the link www.pipe.social ("PIPESOCIAL" or "Platform"), whose main objective is to promote and strengthen the impact business ecosystem by organizing sector players, providing impat business visibility and curating of the opportunities, in addition to the provision of certain services, in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, rules and conditions stipulated in these Terms of Use ("Terms of Use").

PIPESOCIAL is an online platform that works as a showcase, giving visibility to projects and startups that solve some real problem of the base of the pyramid. Although PIPESOCIAL does not guarantee the realization of investments or any type of support to users, the platform allows to connect with investors, investment funds, companies that want to get closer to this 2.5 universe, network of mentors, other startups and much more!

You must read carefully the Terms of Use for PIPESOCIAL and decide if you have interest in registering and being part of PIPESOCIAL. If you have any questions about the Terms of Use, you should contact us through the contact channels indicated at the end of these Terms of Use to clarify all your questions before registering on the Platform.


These Terms of Use have been in effect since March 1, 2016, and supersedes those previously made available by PIPESOCIAL. These Terms of Use establish rights and obligations between USER and PIPESOCIAL. We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time to reflect changes in PIPESOCIAL, technological advances, changes in law or commercial strategy. If these Terms of Use are changed, an updated version will reflect such changes. We undertake to notify you of any and all changes to these Terms of Use. If you have any questions about a new version, please contact us through the contact channels listed at the end of these Terms of Use to clarify all Before continuing to use the Platform. BY STAYING REGISTERED AFTER THE PUBLICATION OF A NEW VERSION OF THE TERMS OF USE, YOU AUTOMATICALLY DECLARE TO AGREE WITH ALL THE TERMS, CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS OF THE NEW VERSION OF THE TERMS OF USE.

These Terms of Use do not apply to third-party websites and / or services and products provided by third parties, whether linked to the Platform, are advertised or disclosed on the Platform or accessed in any way through Platform.


1.1 In order to use the Platform, the User must fill out a standard register with the information of his project and the company he represents (if this is the case), including, but not limited to, company data and / Business model, detailing of products, services and / or technology and video with the company proposal. For the purposes of these Terms of Use, these will be considered "Projects". PIPESOCIAL considers "Projects" innovative and scalable businesses that address real problems at the bottom of the social pyramid and their sustainability and growth are guaranteed through profit making. "Projects" may be in different stages of development, from idea conception to scale gain and should always operate within a high standard of transparency and ethics.

1.2 The User shall be considered solely responsible for the veracity, integrity and correctness of the information provided and shall keep his or her registry constantly updated, assuming all responsibility if such information and data are not accurate or true.

1.3 The User may, at any moment, request change and / or rectification of his / her data and information, simply by accessing the register directly from his access account or by request to PIPESOCIAL through one of the communication channels indicated in the Terms of use.

1.4 The registration requires, among other data and information, an e-mail and an access password, which are personal and non-transferable. Responsibility for the safeguarding and protection of the e-mail and access password is the sole and sole responsibility of the User.

1.5 You shall not share access information from your account (except with an authorized account administrator).

1.6 By registering the project, the User declares that it has all the necessary rights and authorizations to register and disseminate two data and information related to the project, data and related information in the Platform, including exclusive intellectual property rights over the project and to represent the Society exploring the project.

1.7 PIPESOCIAL shall not be liable for any fact arising from its inability to receive notifications sent by PIPESOCIAL to the data contained in the cadastre. So it's important to keep the registration data up to date.

1.8 Under the age of 18 (eighteen), they will not be able to access the platform or fill with project data or startups. The legal guardians of minors shall be liable for the acts of their representatives.


1.10 If there is any suspicion of improper or unauthorized use of your account, the User shall immediately notify PIPESOCIAL using e-mail.

1.11 Upon registration, PIPESOCIAL will analyze the data and information filled in by the User to verify if they fulfill the requirements for the registration and for it to be considered as a Project in accordance with the purposes of PIPESOCIAL and the criteria mentioned herein. If the registration is not validated by the criteria established by PIPESOCIAL, the User will receive an e-mail message with the appropriate justification.


With the profile validation by PIPESOCIAL, the Project, data and related information, will be uploaded in the Platform.

2.2 Data and information related to the project will be classified as 'PUBLIC' and 'PRIVATE' as follows:

(i) PUBLIC DATA: data that will be accessible on the platform to any Internet user. They are basic business data such as: names of entrepreneurs, problem that the solution solves, business model, explanatory video about the project, phase in which the solution is ...

(ii) PRIVATE DATA: data that will not be accessible on the platform for users, but will be owned by SOCIAL PIPE and shared with potential investors, accelerators, institutes, foundations and mentors, either statistically (for market reporting purposes ) Or qualitative, with the objective of supporting projects. These data are related to the investments made, revenue, desired investment ...

2.3 The User agrees that (i) the PUBLIC DATA will be made available through the Platform, without limitation, to the general public, including investors, investment funds, companies that want to approach the impact business universe, mentoring network, and Other startups; And (ii) the PRIVATE DATA will be disclosed only to potential investors, accelerators, institutes, foundations and mentors.


3.1 The User may request the cancellation of his account and exclusion of his PIPE profile at any time. For the security of the User, only the PIPESOCIAL team can perform this cancellation through the Platform, after the validation of the data of the applicant. By requesting cancellation, the User is aware and agrees that all data and information on your Project will no longer be made available through the Platform.

3.2 A PIPESOCIAL poderá cancelar a Plataforma a qualquer momento mediante comunicação eletrônica ao Usuário.


4.1 PIPESOCIAL does not make any business promise, result or consideration for the disclosure of its Project through the Platform. The Platform is just a showcase for the User to be able to disseminate his Project to the general public, market of potential investors and / or partners. The provision and disclosure of data and information related to the Project is a mere liberality of the User.

4.2 We make no warranties of any kind. PIPESOCIAL shall not be liable in any event for any damages, of any kind or nature, including, without limitation, any indirect, moral or loss of profit, caused by or related to the existence or use of the Platform.

4.3 PIPESOCIAL is not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy, effectiveness, timeliness and adequacy of any information, content, product or service provided by third parties, including hyperlinks to third party pages.

4.4 PIPESOCIAL does not guarantee that the Platform or access to your account will be free of errors and / or available 24 (twenty four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week. PIPESOCIAL reserves the right to make the Platform and / or access to its account unavailable for the period of time necessary for maintenance and / or implementation of improvements.

4.5 PIPESOCIAL, the data, information, documents and / or images published or published through the Platform are the exclusive property of PIPESOCIAL, its licensors, partners and / or other Users, and any use or reproduction, commercial or otherwise, of Such data and / or information without prior express authorization from PIPESOCIAL, in writing.

4.6 PIPESOCIAL may provide services to Users through specific agreement, in writing, with the User.


5.1 PIPESOCIAL has a commitment to protect the privacy of Users and their Projects, adopting a responsible and ethical position in the treatment of the data and information that it receives, transmits and stores, according to the terms and conditions established herein.

5.2 The data and information of the User will be used for the purpose of disseminating the Project through the Platform according to item 2 above, as well as for:

(i) analysis of adherence of the Projects to funds investment theses, VC's, angels, accelerators, etc., realizing the best matching of those who invest and who seeks investment, as well as finding Projects with greater adherence to "calls" developed to large companies;

(ii) the development of User-based surveys with the purpose of outlining the market, its needs, challenges and contexts, for the disclosure of such information on a generic, unidentified or identifiable basis, with or without commercial purpose;

(iii) to administer, manage and customize the Platform, respond to Users' questions, avoid potentially prohibited or illegal activities, operate and improve the Platform, and to contact Members when necessary;

(iv) direct institutional campaigns of PIPESOCIAL, "calls" made by large companies and / or publicity campaigns of PIPESOCIAL and / or its commercial partners;

5.3 The User expressly authorizes PIPESOCIAL to communicate with him through all available channels, including e-mail, mobile, SMS, among others. The communications, newsletters, "calls", institutional campaigns and advertising messages sent to the User by e-mail will obligatorily contain the option of canceling the sending of that type of message. The cancellation of the sending can also be requested by other channels of communication available in the Platform, or indicated in the Terms of Use.

5.4 The data and information of the Users are collected by PIPESOCIAL when Users:

(i) register on the Platform;

(ii) interact with existing tools in the Platform, providing the information on a voluntary basis;

(iii) contact PIPESOCIAL through the channels of communication available.

5.5 All data and information collected will be incorporated into the database of PIPESOCIAL, and PIPESOCIAL or company, as indicated, will store this data and information.

5.6 The User expressly agrees and authorizes PIPESOCIAL to store the data and information collected by virtue of its use of the Platform with the assistance of partners located in Brazil or abroad. The security and confidentiality measures of PIPESOCIAL involve, among others, firewall services and authentication and validation of Users involved in the processing of PIPESOCIAL data and communications with Users. Firewall is the name given to the physical and / or logical device of a computer network whose purpose is to apply a security policy to a particular network control point, whose function is to regulate data traffic between different networks and prevent the Transmission and / or reception of harmful or unauthorized access from one network to another.

5.7 PIPESOCIAL may confirm the data and information of Users, consulting public entities and databases, specialized companies, lawful database, especially to verify that Users are using the Platform properly.

5.8 PIPESOCIAL may, in its sole discretion, suspend and / or cancel its registration, at any time and regardless of prior notice, if it detects any inaccuracy or inconsistency in the data and information informed by the User or that does not meet the criteria established by the platform.

5.9 In compliance with Law no. 12.965 / 2014, its records of access to the Platform shall be maintained by PIPESOCIAL for a period of 6 (six) months.

5.10 PIPESOCIAL will not assign or share its data and information with any third parties, except as provided in these Terms of Use. Likewise, your data and information may be accessed by a limited number of PIPESOCIAL employees, their partners, and Involved in the operations and activities of the Platform, including but not limited to trading partners.

5.11 PIPESOCIAL may also obtain data and information about the pages visited within the Platform and its use and access of such pages, including with the aid of Cookies. In addition, data and information about your access hardware and software installed on your Internet access device may be collected by PIPESOCIAL. Such information may include your Internet Protocol address, browser type, information entered in forms, access times, and references to site addresses. Except as otherwise provided in the Terms of Use, PIPESOCIAL will not access or attempt to access your personal information, except for those you freely and voluntarily provide through the use of the Platform.

5.12 Cookie is a text file sent by the Platform server to the computer used by the User for the purpose of identifying such computer, personalizing the accesses and obtaining navigation data such as visited pages or clicked links in order to enhance the User experience In the Platform. A Cookie is assigned individually to each computer, which can never be used to run programs, nor infect computers with malicious code of any kind, such as malware, viruses, trojans, etc. It can be read only by the server that sent it. The User may discard the Cookie from your computer at any time, or configure your Internet browser to reject them. However, it should be noted that this latter hypothesis may limit the functionality of the Platform

5.13 PIPESOCIAL will take the necessary measures to maintain the privacy of the data and information of the Users collected under the terms of this Privacy Policy, committing itself to use sufficiently adequate technologies for data protection, always trying to keep the Platform safe, using tools Efficient information security controls. HEREIN, WHEREAS NO SECURITY SYSTEM IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE, PIPESOCIAL DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ANY DAMAGES AND / OR LOSSES ARISING OUT OF VIRUSES, INVASIONS OF THE PLATFORM, IN ITS DATABASE OR ITS PARTNERS, AND IN THE EVENT OF ANY FAILURE RELATED, OWNED BY THIRD PARTY SHARES.


6.1 Any cases that are omitted in these Terms of Use will be resolved directly with PIPESOCIAL.

6.2 All information, complaints, doubts and / or suggestions about PIPESOCIAL should be forwarded to the email [email protected]

6.3 Tolerance of any breach of any of the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use shall not constitute a breach of the obligations set forth herein and shall not prevent the enforceability of these Terms at any time.

6.4 The laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil apply to these Terms of Use. In case of any conflict, the Forum of the District of the Capital of the State of São Paulo is already elected.